Marvel Island Of Adventures In Universal Studios Orlando

Superhero thrills at the Island of Adventures in Universal Studios Orlando Florida.

Time to book your superhero holiday, it really is an amazing experience. If you are a massive fan of superheroes you will want to get interactive in this Island of Adventures theme park.

Just walking through Marvel land gives you excitement, you never know which Marvel hero you may bump in to but watch out there may be a villain right around the corner! I had the delight of meeting Captain America and Wolverine and had the biggest smile on my face but had it been Dr Doom I may have ran away.

Marvel Island of Adventures | Orlando Universal Studios

Marvel Island of Adventures, superhero rides

At Marvel Island of Adventures every ride is themed to a Marvel character. This is an adventure worth exploring, hop on board the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man where you enter a thrilling motion ride and soar in spider style with 3D vision.

If you fancy something more extreme, then experience the rollercoaster rage on the Incredible Hulk ride. In 2 seconds of take off on this ride you are launched from 0 to 40 mph on a thrilling high speed roller-coaster adventure. You may end up looking a bit green after your feet touch the ground again.

Dr Doom Fear Fall takes you to some extreme heights, a rocketing experience that launches you into the air and then a 150 feet drop right back down to planet earth. There is something slightly evil like Dr Doom about this ride, it does have you screaming your lungs out for help!

Meet the heroes

You have to love the parades at the island of adventures, meet the superheroes is every child’s and adult dream. The parades are interactive and the characters come to life.

Top 5 Marvel Superheroes at Superhero Galaxy

Iron Man, Stark in powered armour. A beam protector on his chest, pulse bolts and magnetic energy, this technological hero is one of our favorites.

Marvel Iron Man

Captain America, the all American superhero. Has human physical abilities, high intelligence, high strength, high speed, and high reaction. Captain America our super soldier.

Marvel Captain America

Spider Man, Spider man, he spins webs and catches thieves, he is our local top neighborhood superhero man.

Marvel Superhero Spiderman

The Incredible Hulk, when withdrawn from Bruce Banner he is a huge green hero of strength. The Hulks transformation is marvelous.

Marvel Incredible Hulk

Wolverine X-Men, a mutant with human and artificial improvements that gives him power. The accelerated healing power we love and with his super sharp blades for hands his martial arts abilities and moves are great to watch.

Marvel Wolverine

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